In most parts of the US, record-breaking heat waves are happening. This negatively affects dealerships in many ways. Employees often don’t dress for the heat, and many customers find it painful to car shop in extreme temperatures.

Rather than looking at the excruciatingly hot summer months negatively, there are ways to use your advertising so that you can turn the sweltering heat into a profit for business. Read on:


We’ve talked before about the power of automotive direct mailers during the summer months. Many clients grab the mail on their way inside so they don’t have to spend too long in the heat. If you make your mailer have an interesting or larger shape and size with bold, brand representative colors, your customers could notice your mailers right away.

When a mail piece grabs a customer’s attention, he or she is far more likely to hold on to it and pay attention to the value proposition. When you have a good design that reflects your branding, customers are more likely to take advantage of your promotions.

Summer Pain to Summer Profit

If you know that customers are having trouble with coming out during the summer months, give them special offers they can’t refuse. Let customers know that you’re pulling the main models of all cars you’re selling into your super air-conditioned showroom. Let them know that cooling fans will be placed at strategic places in your parking lot, and at each of these stations you’ll have a special promotional offer or giveaway for your customers.

When you’re willing to go the extra mile in order to ensure their comfort, customers are more willing to come through an unpleasant situation to support your business – particularly if you use automotive direct mailers to let customers know your promotions won’t go on for long. Customers love deals, so the more strategic your language and branding is, the better chance you have of attracting the kind of customers you’re looking for.

Automotive direct mail pieces are still important assets to keep potential customers interested in your offering. By taking advantage of the pain your customers are feeling and providing a solution through your promotions, you can bring more new customers into your business than ever before.

Take the time to understand what your customers are looking for by checking out Facebook and social media networks to see what customers are saying about the heat – and incorporate these strategies into your automotive direct mailers.