When you’re running used car dealerships, the advertising game becomes a little different. Potential customers are expecting a different type of interaction, and in your advertising efforts, you must begin to build that trust and consistently deliver.

People looking to buy used vehicles will be looking for a certain standard of service from you, and you can pull them in by assuring that standard upfront in your automotive direct marketing materials.

Win New CustomersGuarantees

Customers who are buying used cars want to know that if there is a performance problem with the vehicle, you’ll be able to help them. Do you have any special deals or promotions you could use to build trust with your customers around this topic?

Service Promise

The days of the “slick used car salesman” will never be over, but customers are looking for an experience vastly different from the used car salesman approach they see on television. Even companies that don’t sell cars are using sleazy car salesman stereotypes to push their products.

To avoid this stereotype and gain the trust of potential customers, your advertising should start the process of building a trust relationship. Try including a service promise, asking for service ratings and display them on future advertising, and use language that gives service assurance to your customers. The more you can build a trust relationship, the more customers you’ll get in the door.

Detailed History Report

Guaranteeing a detailed history of cars you sell will add legitimacy to your marketing campaigns. Any other perks you can include that ensure you can demonstrate the good working order of all your cars is extremely important to engaging customers in your services.

If you’re looking to establish trust, make sure that any detailed history you provide is included as a perk in your marketing materials. Quality service and trust building components of your marketing campaign shouldn’t be in the fine print – save the legalese for the fine print. Instead, include value propositions on your mailers that give your customers a reason to seek you out for quality service.

Automotive direct mail services are a great tool for used car sales lots, whose marketing directors may shy away from using mail marketing due to budget restraints. If you work on a used lot, you’ll find many customers are seeking you out – and beginning a relationship of trust with your marketing could be just the thing to get new customers on your lot.