This month, our direct mail programs are hitting harder than ever. This gives us some brief insight into why direct mail continues to work so well in 2016.

You’d think that with the digital age, direct mail might be more ineffective than it has been in the previous decades. This actually isn’t the case – instead of digital assets replacing direct mail, the two work together seamlessly to hit customers at multiple points.

This is why we’re still selling mail – alongside a streamlined suite of digital packages that allow clients to experience what you have to offer by hitting them at all angles. When you engage with customers at multiple touch points, they become more familiar with your brand and what you have to offer. They begin to recognize you as a service provider that can help them solve their problems – and that changes the conversation they have with themselves and with their families when they’re ready to buy.

Direct mail services are like tiny little billboards hitting your customers. When combined with digital advertising and remarketing packaging, customers begin to subconsciously associate what they’re seeing with your brand. Whether it’s that exciting new Chevy Silverado or a new Kia car, they start making connections.

Take a look at our BK Mailers, seasonal advertisements and more and let us know what we can do to offer you a mail and digital experience that will change the game. Ready to re-up on a previous mail order or a new offer as we head into summer? Simply shoot an email to and we’ll get you taken care of.