If you’ve been marketing for your dealership for some time, it’s possible that you’re watching colleagues and competitors going for digital marketing only. At first glance, this may make sense. With the current economic recession, more buyers are looking to shop online than ever, and are making important purchases without ever having to leave the house.

There are some specific reasons why digital isn’t the only way to go for dealerships. The first reason is that an automobile is a high-priced item that has a deeper sales funnel than lower-cost items. The result is that potential customers need to be engaged in a different way.

A customer looking to purchase a car wants to see the car, to take a test drive and explore as many options as possible on the lot. Automotive direct mail marketing carries the same kinds of associations for clients. A piece of advertising with messages of urgency, and that communicate the value of your vehicles will help a buyer identify directly with what promotions you’re offering and how you’re selling. In the same way that customers associate a test drive with the value or feel of a car, holding that automotive direct mailing in the customer’s hand is important. It is often their first communication or idea about your agency, so you want to make a great first impression and encourage the customer to find out more about you.

Automotive direct mailing pieces aren’t as easily skipped over as digital mailings. Customers get used to frequently flipping through inboxes to get rid of unneeded email or other advertisements. A customer can also scroll right past an ad on the internet. But if a customer is part of a targeted mail campaign, they may find automotive direct mailing pieces aren’t as easy to skip over. Brightly colored, well executed advertisements are eye-catching and appeal to the customer who’s holding them. Again, look and feel are everything when it comes to your automotive direct mail pieces – just as look and feel appeal when a customer is test driving a vehicle.

There’s no argument that investment in digital campaigns is important to your business – but with a high ticket item that’s part of a deep sales funnel, clients find there’s no substitute for well-designed automotive direct mailings. When an auto mailer is part of a well developed advertising campaign, clients can see a world of difference in the way customers pour in. In most cases, the results exceed expectations. Highlighting promotions can help move more vehicles off your lots than you ever anticipated – and will keep satisfied customers and their friends, family members and colleagues coming back over time. When it comes to automotive direct mailings, the investment is definitely worth it to see these kinds of results.

This is why at ADS (Accelerated Dealer Services), we make great efforts to manage your direct mailing campaigns with excellence. When you hire our services, you can expect:

  • Professionalism and timely updates throughout each step of the process
  • A high-quality product and efficient delivery
  • Measured results and increased response rate

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