You may not realize it, but not all customers are in the market to buy right now just because you’re in the market to sell. One of the best ways to bring customers out of the woodwork who aren’t looking to buy is a strong, “later” call to action – something that allows a customer to get interactive with your business right away.

This strategy could lead to a later sale for you, even during the slowest times of the year. If you get your dealership in the customer’s brain right now, the advantages to you down the road could be huge when your customer is ready to make that investment.

Helping customers to get interactive with your business is the first step in developing trust. At ADS, we often refer to it as the “Digital road to the sale.” The problem is, very few dealers are usually out there doing it.

There are plenty of ways to get customers interactive with your business without requiring them to set foot on your lots.

Direct Mailers with Later Calls to Action

Automotive direct mailers don’t just have to advertise current promotions – you can use them to discuss future deals that hook clients who may be in the market for a new automobile later on in the buying cycle. You can also include links to your website, special promos for clients who check in using social media services, and more – all on your mailers!

Setting It Up Right

You should also expect that this information should look great on your mailers. Anytime you present links to social media or a “dig further for deals” promotion, it should be bold and one of the centerpieces of your automotive direct mailers.

When you fail to think out of the box regarding how you plan on getting customers into your sales funnel, you end up recycling and using the same tired mailers and marketing techniques. You can never hope to engage the attention of customers who might not normally buy from you. Creating and testing new ways to engage a later call to action for automotive direct mailers may bring in a stream of customers you never expected.

Keep in mind, however, that there are always going to be customers who don’t think they’re ready to buy, but will end up leaving with a car if they set foot on your lot. You don’t want to give up access or marketing that would bring in these customers, but you do want to continuously test new ways of bringing in customers who will benefit your business over time. Later calls to action could compel more customers to bring in 2012 business than you ever thought possible – so why not try it?

How could your company benefit from a later call to action?  Please share below.