As a dealership marketing manager, part of your job requirements should include out-of-the-box thinking that brings new customers into your dealership. If you’re passionate about your job, you may find yourself taking work home with you.

Starting off the New Year with new ideas is one of the best things you can aim to do for your dealership. How about coming up with some New Year resolutions to be a better marketer – and to finally get the new crop of customers into your dealership you’ve been waiting for?

Keep a Marketing Book

Being the best marketer you can be is all about looking for ideas in unlikely places. You should be looking out for imagery, catch phrases and fresh promotions ideas all the time.

When you start looking for marketing ideas, you’ll end up finding inspiration in unlikely places. It pays to keep a small notebook – moleskine is fine – where you can stop and jot down ideas while you’re out and about. If you prefer a digital notebook, Evernote is another great option.

At the end of the week, you can take a look at all the notes you’ve taken and get some great ideas about future promotions for your dealership. Looking for a new design for an automotive direct mail piece? It’s possible you may have found some imagery – even pulled something from a newspaper or sales advertisement – that could help you come up with new concepts for your designers.

The best ideas often seem to come from out of nowhere when you start looking. You may even want to consider sectioning off your notebook to organize different ideas throughout the week – just in case you need to take stock of those ideas before your review date.

Consider Team Meetings

If reviewing your marketing ideas on your own is tedious, a meeting with your marketing team may be a great idea. You’ll need to get together with your staff anyway to ensure that your ideas go to press – so why not get your team involved with the brainstorming as well?

Share your notes and ideas with your colleagues, and start designing an in-house marketing plan for 2012 that will be different – and more effective – than anything you’ve done before.