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Use our proven strategies to sell 30-50 more cars each month,
sometimes without even increasing your ad spend.

We know cars. We are a team of retail car people turned digital marketing specialists. Making marketing easy, fast and profitable for our clients is what we do. 

The story of Accelerated Dealer Services began in August of 2007 not long after our founder, Chad Brooks, left the automotive industry.

After a brief stint in the marketing side of the auto industry, Chad recognized an opportunity to build a company committed to bringing measurable value with a commitment to customer service. After 7 years of building, ADS became one of the largest direct mail companies in the country providing services to over 1,700 dealerships across America.

Although the success that was created was originally un-imagined, ADS saw an opportunity to provide more value to its clients. In June of 2015 ADS began providing digital marketing and consulting services to their clients evolving into a full service digital marketing and consulting firm.

Currently, ADS is in another growth mode and has its sights set on not only becoming one of the most effective firms in digital marketing and consulting for auto dealers, but also has their sight set on additional value innovation throughout the auto industry and beyond.


Our Values

At ADS, we believe in bringing real, measurable value to our customers on a consistent basis. Our organization is built around time-tested, simple, yet powerful principles of taking care of our customers and employees. We strive to provide world-class customer service with complete transparency and advise designed to benefit the client first.

Our organizational culture is built around:

Real, Measurable Value

Radical Transparency

Outstanding Customer Service

Having Fun and Making a Difference

Taking Massive Action

Solving Problems

Striving For Excellence


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