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Sell More Cars on Google

Protect Your Primary Market Area (PMA) with PPC and SEM 

We Give You a World Class Experience.

We deliver detailed mid-month reports and campaign results. We will answer when you call. 

We Are Committed To Your Results.

Ultimately, it’s about selling more cars. That’s our commitment to you. Anything else is a failure.


No Long-Term Contracts

We earn your business each and every month. If you don’t see value in what we do, then we don’t want to take your money. 

Watch the video to learn about how we do Google Ads differently at ADS.

Are you protecting your PMA?

How many phone calls and form submissions come from your current PPC campaigns?

Are you consistently "going fishing" for new markets?

How good is your monthly campaign reporting?

Are you wasting Ad Money because you can't measure if it has a real ROI?

Looking For Transparent Account Management?

We Care About Your Results

Strategic Campaigns That Drive Shoppers to YOUR Dealership Site

Dynamic Ads and Keywords Updated to YOUR Inventory

Ads Focused On Low-Funnel, HIGH-CONVERSION Keywords Using In-Market Audiences

We are an organization built by retail car people. Making it easy, fast and profitable for our clients is what we do. 


Hear From Our Clients About Their Success With Our PPC and SEM Strategies

“Last month my Dodge store sold 37 cars and our Chevy Store sold 51, all during a global pandemic!” – Jared Glover, VP Jim Glover Auto Family

How It Works

Select your service(s) and set your ad spend budget. That’s it. Easy.

1. Sign Up

Let us help you protect your website traffic and partner with you to find new business.

2. Schedule a Kick-Off Call

We meet for a 10 minute kickoff call to introduce you to our team. We will audit, set up and launch your initial campaigns with a unique strategy to your dealership.

3. Protect Your PMA

We manage your campaigns to make sure they are running well. We review ad spend and adjust the budget as needed to help you protect your website traffic & gain honest attribution. 


What's the best first step?

Our FREE audit.  We analyze how your current provider is doing and show how we can help increase quality conversions as well as Search Impression Shares with your campaign.  All we need is access to your existing Google Analytics account, and we’ll take it from there. 

What's different about ADS?

We aren’t for everyone. However, if you are looking for a real partner – someone who is transparent, will pick up the phone and offers honest reporting and numbers, we are the best partner around. We provide detailed and in-depth reporting on your account along with full transparency and visibility into everything your campaign is doing, not just “traffic to your website.”

How long does it take to get started?

Our onboarding process is a standard 7 days to launch. This begins with a quick 15-minute kickoff call where we’ll gather some technical details and strategic ideas from you, and then we’ll be good to go. Our team will share a launch video as we turn ads live & will then provide bi-monthly reporting videos to you and your team to go over campaign performance, results, and optimization opportunities.  

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We Help Dealers Sell More Cars

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