The Best Chatbot On the Market

ADS Smartbot For

Facebook Messenger

Engage car buyers instantly.


Communitate with customers immediately 24/7.


Allow consumers to instantly browse your inventory.


Primed customers sent directly to your CRM


Use ADS Smartbot To Turn Facebook Messenger Into an Appointment Machine


Are You Leveraging Facebook Messenger Effectively?

Are you instantly engaging each consumer with inventory, trade, and credit options?

Are you able to pinpoint each customer's exact objection on Messenger?

Want more pre-qualified buyers in your CRM?


Get a 50% Conversion Rate WITH ADS SmartBOT

Smart, intuitive, and fast!

Automatically asks for inventory or pricing requests.

Delivers a great customer experience.


Enterprise Services & Support


We offer regular advice and recommendations to help you improve efficiency and effectiveness.

We expedite resolution of feature requests and new functionality that is relevant to your business.

White Glove Implementation

Technical Account Management

Solutions Architecting

Proactive Outreach



How quickly can we get started with this product?

We have an easy, hands-off onboarding process for this product. We typically launch within 4-5 business days for new customers. If you’re a current customer who is already working with us, we can add this product to your advertising strategy within 24-48 hours.

How does your chatbot work with live agents on our team?

The chatbot is designed to fully handle all conversations through AI and designed flows.  We recommend staying away from live agent intervention so as to not create any confusion for customers. 

If you’d like to discuss the option of live-agent access through our platform, please reach out to your dedicated sales representative to discuss features and pricing options.  

What are the API & Integration Channels?
  • Unlimited API Calls
  • Live Inventory Integration Inside of Facebook Messenger
  • Watson Artificial Intelligence
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Facebook API & Custom Integrations

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