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On-Facebook Destination For Automotive Inventory Ads

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Are You Losing Shoppers When They Move From Facebook Marketplace To Your Website?

Do you have a VDP page right on Facebook?

Is your Marketplace set up as a traffic destination?

Are you able to qualify your leads in real time via Facebook Messenger?

C2MP Ads Success

Remove Friction and Keep Buyers Engaged

On-Facebook Destination for Automotive Inventory Ads


First-Mover Opportunity for Dealers

Advertise Only Your New & Used Inventory - No One Else's

Clear Call-To-Action via Facebook Messenger

Offline Conversions / Monthly Sales Matchbacks

On-Facebook Highly Optimized VDP Page vs. Dealer Website

Advanced Targeting & Dynamic Retargeting

How It Works


Step 1

Sync both your New + Used vehicle inventory with Facebook Marketplace listings and On-Facebook Destination for Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA), formerly known as Click to Marketplace Ads.

Step 2

Once shoppers click on an automotive inventory ad, drive them to a mobile-optimized, dynamic Vehicle Detail Page (VDP) on Facebook, using information from your automotive catalog.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How are On-Facebook Destination For Automotive Inventory Ads (formerly C2MP) different from Marketplace?
This NOT simply Marketplace. With Facebook’s newest ad format, we can sync New + Used inventory in real-time with Facebook Marketplace, then target local shoppers to drive traffic to your detailed Marketplace listings.

A dealer’s organic Marketplace listings are sandwiched between every other dealer’s inventory, but with on-Facebook VDP they will only be exposed to your vehicle. Auto shoppers will also be proactively encouraged to browse similar vehicles you have for sale (ONLY vehicles from YOUR inventory displayed) directly from the original vehicle page. This keeps auto shoppers engaged longer and makes them aware of other cars and trucks that they didn’t even know you had for sale, and may be a better fit.

How quickly can we launch an On-Facebook Destination For AIA campaigns?
Typically 3-4 days for existing clients.  7-10 days for new clients.
Can we utilize On-Facebook Destination for Automotive Inventory Ads if we are running marketplace ourselves or with another provider?
Yes! We can run On-Facebook Destination Ads even if you are already running the marketplace. It is not the same as the traditional marketplace & no longer requires posting to Marketplace at all.  


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