ADS Sales Director

The ADS Sales Director manages the direct sales process and team for new monthly recurring revenue accounts. You are responsible for new client acquisition, systems optimization and identifying new sales team members to drive new account sales.

The Sales Director must be a player/coach. First execute the sales process and close deals and then build a team teaching them to do the same.


The Responsibilities Include: 

  • Manage pipeline of opportunities 
  • Create Loom Videos for client prospecting
  • Maintaining expected weekly numbers for contacts, proposals, demos and deals. 
  • Work with the Operations team to successfully onboard new clients. 
  • Work with the Leadership Team to design and implement sales processes that scale 
  • Managing and onboarding new sales team members
  • Ensure Sales Team members are meeting and exceeding revenue and client acquisition targets. 


  • Must have experience and understanding of the retail automotive industry
  • Must be an effective communicator including written and verbal communication
  • Must be a proven producer in sales with demonstrable sales success 
  • Manage time and work independently
  • Must be self motivated and driven to accomplish sales objectives
  • Takes personal responsibility for work, clarifying expectations and end result outcomes. 
  • Communicate with team and clients clearly and simply
  • Effective problem solver


Our strategy is built around a productized service offering that is effective. You will be given the tools to succeed in this role. You are expected to be accountable to the end result outcome which is new clients acquired per month. 

The Sales Director will be responsible for acquisition of 2 new accounts per week. The Sales Director must own the entire sales process and report to the Leadership Team for resources required to hit and exceed the target goal. 

Additionally, once the Sales Director has been effective in producing 2 new accounts per week the Sales Director will be responsible for documenting and scaling the process including hiring and onboarding of additional ISA (inside sales agents) that can produce at the level of 2 clients acquired per week. 

The Sales Director must work collaboratively with the CEO, COO and Marketing Manager to ensure that the desired results are achieved with inbound marketing efforts and ultimately ensure that new clients are acquired on a monthly basis. 

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