Get 100 Local In-Market Trade Leads Per Month with SnapAutos– GUARANTEED

How does it work?

1. SnapAutos software system identifies local consumers in your area who have inventory for sale.

2. Using a computer algorithm and market condition reports, we provide local customers a real money offer within 30 seconds.

3. We then promptly push the trade quote and consumer contact info directly into your CRM.

A Few Reasons Why Your Dealership Needs This Solution

Wholesale Competition: The problem with wholesale auctions is that every other dealership is also there bidding on the same vehicle which drives up the prices.

Auction Fees: Most dealers pay in total up to $600 in fee’s/transportation cost once buying the vehicle from auction.

Trade-Ins: Dealerships are only seeing the individuals in their showroom looking to purchase a new vehicle and trade in their old one. This doesn’t offer dealers enough inventory to keep in stock.

We have designed the best solution for dealers during this inventory crisis.

Reach out for a demo today.

mayse automotive success with snapautos

Dealer Success Story with SnapAutos – Mayse Automotive

Dealers are seeing phenomenal results with SnapAutos software. Check out the numbers from Mayse Automotive located in Aurora, MS!