We hear from dealers all the time that they are “already doing Facebook ads.” But when we ask a couple questions, we realize that that are missing out on real results they can be getting from On-Facebook Destination Ads. Your dealerships can have YOUR LIVE INVENTORY FEED right there on Facebook Marketplace, direct inventory ads to your feed, and engage immediately on Facebook with a client instead of jumping off to your website.

This exclusive opportunity to work with dealerships is only available to a few select marketing agencies across the country. And we are one of them! We’d love to work with your dealership to make sure your inventory is also featured right on Facebook, where your shoppers are scrolling.


Lower Your Cost Per Lead

Did you know that On-Facebook Destination AIAs yielded 82% lower Cost Per Leads and 17% lower Cost Per VDP Views versus Website Destination.

Keep your shoppers interacting with your dealership with your VDP Page right on-Facebook! It’s mobile-optimized and loads fast! They can message, text, call, see and ask questions about your vehicles all from Messenger.

Plus, by keeping shoppers on Facebook, you can continue messaging and retargeting your ideal audiences without relying on cookie-tracking or your pixel.

Vehicles from your own inventory catalog are displayed to local in-market shoppers right on Facebook, Marketplace, and Instagram.


Watch Demo Video and See Client Results

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