Auto Dealer Facebook and Google Ads Success

For Honda of Ardmore, March 2021

See how we helped this Car Dealership with these Facebook Ads and Google Ads Solutions

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  • Conversion Rate – 32.37%
  • Cost Per Lead – $17.76
  • Sold Units – 82
  • Cost Per Sale – $118.70
  • On-Facebook Leads – 352

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Auto Dealer On-Facebook Destination Ads Success – Full Transcript

Hi guys and happy April, Justin here from ADS with a quick review of our March advertising for both Facebook and Google ads. Had a really good month, made a lot of changes both to our campaigns that were originally lead-gen, but also changing up some of our campaigns on Facebook that were set up a few months ago as more brand awareness. So we had a lot of great videos that we took, and we really promoted those in some new areas, some new markets for you.

Brand Awareness Using Facebook Ads

And we had an objective of brand awareness. We wanted to reach as many people as possible, and we got very few leads from that. But we got a ton of eyeballs and a lot of traffic just from the website from those. So we kind of switched gears and took some of those and made them more of a lead-gen. So maybe seen in front of fewer people during the month of March. But the goal now is to really turn this into lead-gen and to get people to go to the website and make a phone call or fill out a form, on the VDP page or use one of our Messenger ads as well and connect with us on the platform on, on Facebook.

Maintaining High Conversion Rates for Auto Dealers with Facebook Ads

So had a super high conversion rate. We’ve maintained a really high conversion rate on Facebook just by keeping relevant ads and always changing up our hats and our ad copy cost per lead around $17.50. Love to see that come down below $15. And we might do that now that we’ve switched gear with those videos, making them more lead-gen, the brand awareness objective is really diluting that cost per lead. So hopefully we’ll get that low cost really to come down even more in the month of April good mix of lead count, though, both for people we did send to the website and made contact and for our Messenger and form submission ads on Facebook. So with sold data upload, I can tell you that out of the cars we sold, 82 people bought cars had interacted or seen our ads on Facebook, leading to a really great cost per sold at $118.

Raising Google Ads Search Impression Share

Going to switch gears to Google Ads real quick, and also had a great month here. You know, traffic was up and our search impression share was up. You know, my goal is still 35%. So, we’re up about 3% for the month of March, just below 30%, but moving in the right direction, click through rate was down just slightly. I’d love to see that North of 10%, just to be double at the industry average is, which is really important. So I’m sure that that’s one of those metrics that will fluctuate and were still really high, but it was down just, just a little bit in the month of March.

Increasing Conversions With Google Ads for Auto Dealers

Conversions, though, the big thing, was actually up, up 16% conversion rate was down. So we had more traffic and more conversions and then numbers like our click through rate and conversion rate, those percentages were down just a little bit. Cost per conversion around $20, up almost 1%, nothing to be concerned about there. And our average cost per click, was down a 12% to a $1.55. So Google Ads actually had a really good month. Good mix of a lot of phone calls and form submissions from the VDP, had quite a few chats started as well. Then a couple of general contact form service and vehicle finder. So that’s the mix, we’re going to continue this momentum into April and try to keep some of these numbers down as much as we can, would love to see our cost-per-click and our cost-per-conversion go down and maybe have our conversions go up as well as our impression shares. If you guys have any questions about Facebook or Google Ads reach out, let us know what’s going on and we’ll talk to you shortly.