Your dealership does PPC, so your dealership has to worry about bids.

Or maybe you outsource. Maybe, if it’s in-house, there’s one person on your team who manages all this for you. You don’t have the time, energy or capacity to care about how your company or your employees manage your AdWords or other click accounts. All that makes sense to you, all that matters, is that your account is turning money into leads.

Here’s the thing about leads though: Even when they’re good, they could always be better. A lot better. Reducing cost per conversion and finding better conversion opportunities is what will make your campaigns succeed.

We work with dealers all the time who aren’t truly using device management bidding – or other important features of their PPC accounts – in a way that would get them more leads for less.

The vast majority of shoppers these days are at least getting information, if not outright buying online. Do you – or does your internet department – truly have any idea how much of the traffic to your campaigns is mobile traffic? Is someone on your end watching Google Analytics to get an idea of whether or not your site is mobile friendly?

Dealers are going to continually be faced with mobile technology increasing. Google Glass may not have done too well in the market, but that doesn’t mean mobile technology will slow its roll. In a few years today’s technology will be obsolete – maybe even less than a few years. The more compact and streamlined everything is, the more the game changes.

Take some time to take a look at your mobile numbers. Grill your outsourced or in-house marketing departments about whether or not your click marketing and your website in general are well-suited to handle changing mobile digital technology. And don’t let them off the hook if they don’t have good answers for you.

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