There is a difference between bad marketing and bad-ass marketing. Of course, it all depends on how you define “bad”.

Bad marketing, is the idea that it is marketing that everyone hates. Bad-ass marketing on the other hand is the idea that it is marketing that rocks your socks off.

Few people begrudge you for building a better sales team, especially if they want to buy a car. Make sure you hire great salespeople who are friendly, go-getters, and love to sell. That’s bad-ass marketing, and no one is going to hate you for that.

If you are marketing through mail, make sure you are sending out top-rate, first class, attention-getting pieces. If you annoy the customer with a boring direct mail piece, that’s different. That one goes in the trash.

The problem people have is not with marketing, but with bad marketing.

I actually think people love bad-ass marketing, even more than they hate bad marketing.

That’s a good thing to remember when thinking about your next “bad-ass” automotive direct mail campaign.