There sure is a lot of crap out there.

Look, we sell a good bit of products, too. The field is very ripe and it’s vast. There’s a lot you can invest in, and plenty to take home when it comes to how your dealership does marketing.

Here’s the thing though: The marketing you buy and work with as a dealership has to work together as a system. The left hand has to know what the right hand is doing.

Sure, everything might seem to work together like a dream. But we’re not worried about a ball being dropped here the same way we’re worried about opportunity being missed. Because in our industry, that’s the real tragedy. Missing something, no matter how seemingly insignificant, that could have resulted in incredible success and meaningful interaction between you and your customers.

There are plenty of reasons why there should be someone at your dealership running the show. An in-house digital marketing director is something everyone at a dealership needs, but it’s not something we all have. So you’ve got to have a way to put someone on the hot seat who can measure the success of ALL your digital marketing efforts. Not just one thing. Not just whether your social and your online ratings are convincing people to buy from you – but all of it. You deserve to know if your digital marketing works and if it’s returning investment for you at an acceptable rate.

If it’s not, it’s something we should talk about. We not only revitalize internal marketing departments for dealers, we save our customers big time money by making data-driven, actionable suggestions that really work. And we’ll drive them for you.

To talk more about this, shoot Amber a quick email. No over the top gabbing, no annoying persistence from our end and no problem too small. It’s just one question. Simple.