Many clients who rely on the services of an  automotive marketing company are left feeling swindled when they refuse to show postal receipts. Are you one of those dealerships that feels like you’re paying top dollar for direct mail advertising campaigns, yet there’s no proof to show your mailers have actually gone out to potential customers at the conclusion of your campaign? You aren’t alone – and in fact, you might have a reason to worry.

Some Companies Fail to Deliver

Automotive direct mail services companies have the ability to overcharge you for postage services, then fail to deliver the automotive direct mailers within the timeframe or bulk that you originally agreed on. Many dealerships have the right to be concerned when automotive direct mail servicing companies refuse to show a postage receipt. If your marketing company is reluctant to show you proof that orders went out, it’s probably not because your asking interferes with their dignity or reputation.

If asking for receipts makes your rep nervous, it could be because your automotive direct mail services company probably hasn’t sent your auto mailers during the specified time or in the amount requested.

Reluctance to show you a receipt means something is going on that your automotive direct mail services company doesn’t want you to know about. You’re right to be concerned about that – there’s nothing wrong with asking for demonstrable proof that contracted work has been done by your marketing company. In fact, showing you a receipt at the end of mailing service agreements should be standard procedure for any reputable dealership marketing company.

You can avoid an unpleasant back-and-forth session between yourself and your automotive direct mail services company by ensuring that you request a copy of the postage receipt as part of your contractual agreement. If you put it in the contract or service agreement, you’ll know that you’re automotive direct mail servicing company should expect to keep accurate records, and provide you with those records at any time in order to fulfill your contract.

Always Get it in Writing

Too many unethical companies tend to “skim a little off the top”, a nasty habit that affects the reputation of honest companies in the entire auto marketing industry on the whole. To ensure that you’re receiving quality service from your auto direct mail service provider, contractually obligate them to provide you proof that all campaign obligations have been fulfilled. There’s nothing wrong with validating your expenses, and ensuring that your needs have been met is the responsibility of your marketing company from the get go. You shouldn’t have to chase your automotive marketing company around to get information about your account, expenses, or tasks that have been completed.

Any automotive direct mail servicing company that really wants your business and will do an ethical, quality job for you will be willing to provide you with whatever paperwork necessary to validate that jobs are completed honestly and on time.