When launching your direct mail marketing, it is important to consider the possible customer mindsets that your sales team will encounter. This directly impacts your sales results. Let me share these different mindsets and how to apply some simple exercises to prepare your team for those buyers looking to buy.

Price as the Buyer Mindset

We all know car buyers want a deal. Nothing new here. Buyers with a price mindset automatically enter a dealership with a specific price in mind. We’ve all heard the remarks, such as: “I’m buying a new car and I only want to spend $500 on a down payment,” or “I want a __________ that cost about as much as my last ________.” “Why is the _____________ so expensive?”

Then there are those visible signs where the customer seems shocked that anyone would pay that much for a vehicle. Or they start out looking at the higher-priced vehicles, but very quickly move to the lower-priced vehicles.

Style as the Buyer Mindset

Buyers with a style mindset are also easy to recognize. They usually say, “I want a red ___________.” Or they say, “I’m tired of the old model; what’s the hottest new look?” There are also visible signs where you see them comparing looks and styles a lot or they ask questions about all the bells and whistles.

Quality as the Buyer Mindset

Buyers who come to the dealership with a quality mindset are buyers who want to know all the details, from the quality of the seat leather to how long is the warranty. They are also interested in the service and safety aspects or if one car is as good as another car. They can also be identified on the lot because they are looking at every detail from bumper to bumper.

Brand as the Buyer Mindset

The buyer with a brand mindset is recognized by what they currently drive. They identify with a specific brand, and only want to buy that brand. They may say, “I’ve always driven a _________, I wouldn’t drive anything else.”

Putting the Mindsets into Action

All of these mindsets carry with them probable outcomes. For example, the buyer that comes in with a price mindset, may already have made up their mind and will not spend more than a specific amount. If a buyer comes in with a style mindset, then he may buy primarily based on the style of the vehicle alone and may not consider price or brand. If a buyer comes in with a quality mindset, both for the vehicle and the service he thinks he might receive, he won’t hesitate to buy from a competing dealership if he feels the quality isn’t up to par.

It depends on YOU

The truth is, all these outcomes could happen, it depends on you. In the car business we have to be “migration” specialists. In other words, it is our job to give buyers a reason to migrate from wherever they bought their last vehicle, to become our customer. In order to help migrate potential new customers, try the following exercises:

  1. Brainstorm with your sales team the best way to move the customer if necessary, from the step they arrived on to the next step.
  2. What is your brand story and how would you present that brand story to a potential customer?
  3. What have you learned from migrating past customers?

My challenge to you:

  1. Get good at transitions and helping your customer take the next step.
  2. Practice using stories that convey your brand.

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