Looking for ways to make more sales

Every car salesperson is looking for ways to make more sales. Whether it’s a quota that’s imposed upon them or a fancy sales plan, the goal is to make sales happen  now. The foundation of any successful dealership is not only comprised of excellent management and sales talent, but also a keen understanding and knowledge of the customer.

The Reality

The reality is the customer is in control. In today’s information age, the customer has all the tools they want at their fingertips. They can gain any knowledge they want about your cars 24/7. Also a reality is you can learn more about your customer than ever before. So any successful sales strategy or marketing campaign should be designed to learn more about your potential customer by finding out what they are thinking and when they are likely to buy.

The signals are everywhere

At ADS, one of the reasons we offer the Double the Difference Guarantee, which is our commitment to the bottom line success of our clients, is the belief that we know the clues to finding potential car buyers.

No hocus pocus here — just a reinvention of marketing

There’s no special formula, but it’s a fundamental shift in how marketers, like you and I, think about our role in communicating and interacting with prospects. The change in how information is gathered is leading to a change in the nature of marketing and the relationship with sales. At ADS we recognize this shift and have aligned our marketing efforts to reaching car buyers by understanding their digital buying clues through the way they identify, understand, evaluate, and buy cars.

Clues abound . . . where to begin?

1. Be findable.

Think about the buyer’s first step. Think about where future buyers go to educate themselves about specific cars or compare different models. They go online. They use their computers and mobile devices. That’s where you want to be. And that means making sure you’re easily findable and prominent on major search engines.

2. Be the source of information

To successfully shape and influence the purchase process you need to be at the head of the line with regards to information resources. The customer will get the information they want whether it’s from you or your competitor. It might as well be from you. If the information you provide is credible, of value, and delivered in a timely manner the customer will more often than not reciprocate by choosing you when purchasing a vehicle.

3. Show  don’t tell

Buyers want information and a good story  not sales spiels. Re-orient your marketing to guide prospects through their discovery process by understanding what it is they want and then delivering it.

Dealers who adapt to this new buying reality will thrive. Those who don’t will find themselves consigned to a steady erosion of relevance, influence, and value. Get into the new buying reality. Let us help you with your next campaign.