Remember what it was like back in grade school? You were told to stand in line and be quiet. Don’t color outside the lines. Don’t talk. Raise your hand. Sit still. Wait for the bell to ring. Sound familiar? Some of you performed brilliantly and the teachers loved you. And there are others, like me, well let’s just say we had to make some adjustments to get through.

Now fast forward to today. Children are really being taught the same thing, the same rules. They are applauded for their effort rather than for achieving a result. They are instructed to sit in straight rows and obey instructions. There is even standardized testing  not to help the students but to assure schools get all the federal funding they can get.

The mission in education for decades has been to create obedient, satisfied workers and pliant, eager consumers.

But that is bull!

Oh Oh

When we become adults there is a great awakening! We realize it’s not enough to be compliant, to color within the lines, to do what we are told, or to wait our turn. We have discovered there are no golden parachutes or free vacations. There is no job security just because we do what the boss tells us to do. The truth is, the boss will probably find someone else to do it for less pay!

Fast, Flexible, and Focused

The times have changed. Today we are paid for our talent or the lack thereof. We don’t get a trophy just because we give it our best effort. We get a trophy if we are in first. We are paid for a result. This is one of the reasons why I implemented the Double the Difference Guarantee at ADS. It is our commitment to deliver results and an ROI that the customer can hang their hat on  or else we pay double the difference! Yes it’s radical! It didn’t happen overnight. It has been many years of coloring outside the lines. Innovating. Taking risk. Failing forward. Moving fast. Breaking things. Focus. Teamwork. Process and execution.

Let’s get started on a campaign for you.