There’s no arguing that digital advertising is incredibly important to an effective marketing campaign for your dealership. Customers are getting online to design their dream cars, check blue book value and look for the best deals.

Using digital advertising and mail advertising together can yield an effective marketing combo that will keep your dealership busy throughout the summer. When it comes to using a digital marketing plan in conjunction with mailers, many dealership marketing managers get stuck.

Fortunately there are convenient and effective ways to integrate digital and mail components of your marketing. Here are some handy tips:

Do Your Tracking

When you’re considering the efficacy of advertising across platforms, you need to know how your campaigns are performing. It’s important to have ways of tracking metrics for both online and offline advertising.

Surveys are a great way to do this. You can give customers the option of using digital or paper surveys. Keep track of what best fosters future communication with your clients – does each customer respond better to mailers or digital surveys?

Mix Platforms

You have the option of putting your digital communication on your mailers, and seeing how well your customer base responds. Offer your customers special deals on the lot if they become part of your online sales funnel. Mix your media – you don’t have to keep your digital and mail advertising separate. They work very well together.

Collect Information

When you engage with your customers online, you have the ability to collect address information that you can use to advertise to new customers through the mail. You don’t need to buy huge mailing address lists or simply market to existing customers – you can generate a new customer base using social media online, and collect information you can use to merge into your mail campaigns.

Plan Ahead

Taking a look at how your marketing components have worked together in the past makes a huge difference in terms of how to handle future marketing campaigns. Once you have reporting in place that will work for mail and digital platforms, you can use this information to plan future marketing campaigns for your digital AND offline campaigns.

Many dealership marketing managers make the mistake of separating online and offline marketing components. All your marketing can work together in a way that will make you more money if you allow these components to enhance each other. With the appropriate reporting in place, you can find ways to use your marketing across platforms in a way that will make your campaigns more efficient, and will tell you where opportunity lies to increase profits.

Ignoring one component in marketing in favor of another could be costing you money over time, so it’s important to consider all your marketing as one solid unit.