Rebellion is all about upsetting the system.

There are always consequences – some of the world’s most memorable revolutions created caustic change that took decades for the countries involved to recover.

These days, we have plenty precious things in our lives to be thankful for. Home, family, a steady paycheck. Because you’re interested in maintaining these things, going down the path of a full-on rebellion in your workplace might not be the best idea. So you bite your tongue and watch systems and people around you remain inefficient, bottling up your good ideas because you’re afraid they’ll result in being criticized or dismissed.

It doesn’t have to be that way for you. As a valued member of your team, you have plenty to add.

Today, we’re asking you to rebel against negative, harmful thinking and routine. Don’t think about all the things at the dealership you feel are problematic – think about how you, as an individual, can contribute to the culture and correct those problems. Consider rebellion in a new way – how can you rebel against your own negativity and harmful habits to create to the culture of your workplace?

Constructive change and ideas are how leaders are made.

Let’s talk about your leadership strategy. You game?