The auto industry isn’t easy to do business in. It’s also not for everybody. The kind of people who achieve and get to the next level in our industry are the overachievers.

Overachiever doesn’t mean you’re someone who always made the best grades, the game-winning touchdown or that you now get up to run 10 miles every morning. Being an overachiever is about looking at that next level. The key is, every single one of us has the ability to become that overachiever.

Many of us experience high turnover at our dealerships because we don’t really have a gameplan or any kind of solid methodology for turning today’s ordinary employees into overachievers. When our employees don’t succeed, we have a tendency to blame this on everyone else and anyone else in earshot rather than focusing on what makes sense: Our employees don’t succeed later, aren’t at their best throughout the process or don’t have the right tools to sell because they never had them to begin with.

It’s not just up to a salesperson to come into a job with sales knowledge; it’s up to us to increase and expand their knowledge by getting them involved with the culture of our respective dealerships. The way to do that is not through coercion or threats, it’s through getting the people who work for you excited about what they can achieve. There are some factors at play here that many managers are skipping out on:

  • diplomacy
  • a reward structure that motivates
  • a formal training process each employee goes through that includes documentation and hands-on learning
  • quick and formal communication of company values and objectives.

Without a way for employees to know what they’re going after or how they can win for you, the goal is muddy. You want to get that goal as clear as  possible so the people on your payroll can succeed for you, can give YOU wins. So why not give them the tools out of the gate to go get those wins for you?

If you’d like some personalized advice on training for success, let us know! We’d love to hear.