Let’s say you have a potential customer who’s super excited about buying a car from you. He or she is a big online shopper and prefers to vet a potential vehicle online as opposed to coming in and being sold to.

As much as it’d be easier if everyone walked into a dealership blind or “just to look,” people don’t do that as much anymore. Your website should tell your customer everything they need to know about you, your inventory and what type of service they can expect from you. Ultimately if your site fails to do these things, you could be losing potential customers and opportunities.

So what happens when your customers get so excited about a vehicle that they solicit your internet sales department? Well, hopefully, a timely, grammatically correct, professional communication that continues to build the excitement.

Here’s the problem – with almost 70% of dealerships we mystery shop, the communications that internet reps send out actually kill the deal.

When we mystery shop a dealership, we run into so many communications that isolate customers. It’s no wonder internet departments generally aren’t doing better across the board. Many dealerships aren’t sending communications or following up in a timely manner. Other dealers simply aren’t communicating at all.

Think about it this way: If your competitors are sending out timely, professional, great-looking communications with follow-up texts that make customers feel excited about working with you – and you’re not- then your competitors are besting you. They’re taking your business away. And believe us that customers do look toward these types of communications to understand how you treat your clients and what they can expect when buying from you.

We mystery shop our dealers and we’re constantly looking for ways to give a competitive edge to internet departments. Whether you have an existing department or just want an evaluation of your website’s conversion power, we’d love to take a look at your materials and make some suggestions.

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