Most of us have an understanding that Facebook is a widely used platform, but you might be shocked to know exactly how big it really is. We wanted to share some eye opening state on Facebook to make you realize why you need to be using it for your car dealership, and also share some tips on how you can leverage Facebook to increase your sales.

Facebook Stats

So let’s start with the stats. Did you know that there are 2.3 BILLION active users on Facebook? That is one third of the entire world population using one social media platform. What’s even crazier is that Facebook has 1.49 BILLION daily users making it by far the most used social media platform in existence. It’s a safe bet that your audience is on Facebook, and it’s a safe bet that your competitors are already using it to grow their sales.

Not only does Facebook have an endless amount of potential customers to reach, but it also allows you to hyper target exactly who you show your advertising to. You can focus your ads by location; like showing the ad only to people in a defined city, miles around radius, or even exact zip codes. You can also further target by interests; like customers that have visited popular car websites like, Auto-trader, and more. There are endless ways to target exactly who your ideal customer is, and get a higher return on invest on your ads because you aren’t wasting money on mass marketing. Gone are the days of putting your name on a billboard and paying high prices to show it to an undefined audience.

A Facebook Success Story

Let’s take a look at some successful companies that are using Facebook advertising. A great example is Audi of Canada. They recently ran a lead generation campaign focusing on brand awareness for their upcoming fully electric vehicle. Audi used short videos to tell stories of how their electric car can empower vigorous outdoor activities. These ads made a connection between the Audi brand, and the consumer’s lifestyle. The results Audi experienced from this campaign was a big success. They showed an 8.5-point lift in ad recall (this is the estimated incremental number of people who recall your ad divided by the number of people your ad reached), and an 18% conversion for their lead form submission. What this means is that the ad resonated with their target audience because they could recall the ad at a higher rate, and Audi received more leads to pre order than usual. You too can these results from your Facebook ads, and we want to share a few tips how.

Tips to Leverage Facebook for Your Own Dealership

One of the most important tips on starting your own Facebook marketing strategy is to define your goals before you start running ads. Have a clear idea of what you are wanting to achieve. Are you wanting to set appointments, are you looking to sell more cars, or are you looking to spread your brand to people in your city. If you have a clear goal in place then you can design ads to achieve those objectives. The worst thing you can do is put out ads without serious thought, or a defined goal to measure the results from. Please plan out your marketing campaign, or your results will suffer.

The next tip would be to research what successful dealerships are doing. Facebook now makes it so that everyone has to visibly share all the ads they are running. This means that you can spy on successful dealerships, see what kind of ads they are doing, and implement some of the strategies that you think will work for you. Obviously don’t exactly copy their ad, but this is a great way to see what type of ads are doing well, and then make them with your own brand and voice.

The last tip will save you thousands of dollars, and months of time. Hire a professional to develop your marketing campaigns. You can either spend month after month, and dollar after dollars on trial and error, or you can hire a professional agency that has already gone through the long learning phase of Facebook. A good agency can get you results you want fast, and save you a ton of money. If you are the type of person that likes to learn on your own and do things yourself, then stay tuned to our blog because we will be going a lot more in depth on strategies and marketing idea for car dealerships.