Life is hard. We work hard, and if you read our last newsletter, you should be playing hard as well.

Maximum opportunity presents itself when we commit ourselves to an attitude and a culture of winning, not whining. 

Consider the coworker you’re having a rough time communicating with. Think about the customer that won’t sell easily, or the car buyer who’s constantly in the service department, having problem after problem.

When it comes to those tough situations at the dealership, are you winning or are you whining?

Complaining to folks at work may provide you a little relief in the moment, but it changes the way people around you perceive you and your value. 

Instead of a leader, you become someone to complain to.

Instead of a problem-solver, you become someone wrapped up in the problem.

Sometimes in this business, we have to suck it up. We have to shut up and fix it. And in doing so – in approaching our problems as winners rather than whiners – we create opportunities.

The people who are a part of our culture are always around us, always watching. When you choose winning, other people watch you win. They make the choice to be around you because they know they’ll win as well.

Ready to win? Let’s talk about your winning strategy for 2016!

To Your Success,
The ADS Team