Our Dealership clients trust us to help them sell more cars. Period. That’s what we promise to deliver.

A Partner in Digital Facebook and Instagram Dealer Marketing

It’s easier said that done, because we all know that it’s an entire process from traffic and search, to engagement and appointment and close. A customer can drop off at any moment if the time isn’t right or they find a better deal. Our job is to help lead them to what they are looking for, give them the information they need, stay immediately responsive, and then help the dealer schedule an appointment to draw them into the store.

Kunes Auto Group Success With Facebook Ads

We’ve been working with Kunes Auto Group for just shy of a month and had a chance to connect with the GM, Michael Dennis yesterday. We were so excited about their success!

Proven Winner Ad

facebook ads for car dealers

Outpaced Projections

At mid-month they had sold 43 cars, and so they were pacing for 86 for the month. With a combination of their great team and leadership, and our marketing efforts, they ended up having 115 booked, and so had outpaced their projection by 40 units in just 2 weeks!!!

De-Duped Leads in CRM

In addition, we sent 97 clean, de-duped leads directly to their CRM to follow-up with.

$1K Profit Per Day From Facebook Ads

Not only that, within that same time, they sold 5 cars for $19K profit in just 21 days, directly attributed to our Facebook Ads strategy. They scheduled 13 appointments and 10 confirmed appointments. Confirmed appointments sell more cars. All 10 showed up, and 50% closed for $19K profit! That gave them an average of just about $1K profit per day in sales from Facebook Ads.

Teamwork Pays Dividends

We always say, “Teamwork makes the dream work,” and it’s energizing to work with great dealerships to partner with them in their goals to sell more cars. We work hard to deliver the results we can control so that they can focus on what they do best. Kunes Auto Group has built a solid team that has an 18% internet close ratio and an 8 minute response time for engaging with their shoppers. We get to partner with them to help increase that success even more.

Looking for a real partner to manage your Facebook Digital Marketing so you can focus on closing sales and growing your team? Reach out today to learn more about our special plans.