How To Get More Inventory In Front Of Your Customers

How To Use Facebook to Generate 20-30 More Car Sales Per Month

See how we help Car Dealerships with these Facebook Ads Solutions:

  • On-Facebook Destination AIA’s (Automotive Inventory Ads)
  • On-Facebook Lead Gen Ads
  • Facebook AIAs
  • Custom Ads For Facebook (Instant Cash Offers/Dollar Down)

Watch Video or Read Full Transcript Below:

Today, I’m going to show you four levers to pull, to create thousands more VDP views on your website.

Hundreds more leads pushed directly to your CRM and dozens more car deals each and every month without having to spend a ton of money or waste any time.

So we’re, we’re in the back end here and I’m going to show you look, there’s four different levers you can pull.

Keep the Car the Star With Facebook and Instagram Ads

In the car business, you’ve got to make the car, the star, right?

So what you use Facebook and Instagram for is to put more inventory in front of eyeballs. That’s the entire purpose.

So what you’ll see here with one of our clients is the campaign structure.

And I’m going to break these down, and I’m going to talk at a high level on how to utilize Facebook to generate 20, 30 more cars per month right now, without increasing your advertising budget by $1.

So it’s about keeping the car, the star.

4 Types of Facebook and Instagram Ads for Auto Dealers

So you’ll see.

  1. Automotive inventory ads, AIA On Facebook Destination Ads. That’s lever number one. Spend money on, On Facebook AIA Destination Ads. That’s going to put more people on your website, on your VDPs and ultimately create more leads and more car deals.
  2. Number two is automotive inventory ads lead generation. So they’re going to serve up an inventory ad and the customer’s going to be able to submit a lead right there from Facebook’s application is going to push directly into your CRM.
  3. The third is straight automotive inventory ads. So it’s not On Facebook. It’s not lead generation. It’s just simply to warm up traffic, getting your VDPs, your inventory, and VDP views to people who are actively on Facebook and Instagram every single month.
  4. And then you’ll see these other two ad sets. Their title is Dollar Down or Instant Cash Offer, but that’s the fourth. And in my opinion, the most impactful of them all. They’re custom ads. So don’t just do the easy peasy, lemon squeezy, typical thing that all agencies do and set up an automated inventory ad structure. Sure. There’s not much hunting and pecking, not a lot of maintenance required. That’s why a lot of people offer it so cheap. Once you set it up, it’s kind of like a rotisserie chicken set it and forget it. That’s why custom ads are so critical. So you’ll see on this particular dealer, we have two custom ads: instant cash offer and dollar down.

So just to recap four little levers, you can pull that increase VDP views by thousands. Get hundreds more leads every single month in your CRM and sell dozens more cars.

  1. You want on Facebook AIA automotive inventory ads.
  2. You want lead generation automotive inventory. So the people who see your lead, your inventory can submit a lead.
  3. And then the third is you want automotive inventory ads. In other words, before they submit a lead or create a messenger, a conversation, any of that, you just want to put more inventory in front of eyeballs in your marketplace.
  4. And then last, but certainly not least are your custom Facebook ads. Those will actually get you the most bang for your buck, but they’re labor. They’re time intensive. And you got to have world-class people doing it. Otherwise, you know, you might not see the return.

So let’s just check this out. What does this even mean? Right. Let me just show you.

You can get a good look at a T-bone steak by sticking your head up a cow’s ass. That’s the old Tommy boy quote, right? Or you just take the butcher’s word for it.

Auto Dealers Success With Facebook and Instagram Ads

So here’s a CJDR store in the last 30 days;

  • 607 internet leads
  • 61 car deals

Here’s another CJDR store. Same group:

  • 430 leads
  • 61 car deals
  • $69 cost per sale

Here’s another one folks. Same auto group Buick GMC store:

  • 441 leads
  • 34 cars sold in the month of March, directly off Facebook and Instagram ads.

Another store, Chevy store same auto group:

  • 335 total leads
  • 48 car deals
  • $77 cost per sale

Okay, we can go on and on. Let me show you here.

Here’s a Honda store. Store sells 70, 80 cars a month:

  • 279 leads in the month of March
  • 25 car deals
  • $155 cost per sale

Guys. They’re all pulling these same four levers that we talked about at the beginning.

Here’s a Metro Chevy store. 250-300 car a month store got them:

  • 800 internet leads
  • Sold 45 cars
  • $199 cost per sale

Here’s their sister store Major Metro:

  • 507 total internet leads
  • 69 car deals

Here’s another one, Bayway Chevrolet, Houston, Texas major market guys. This client has only been on for six weeks. Last month, we got them almost 900 internet leads.

Here’s another store Bayway CJDR almost 500 internet leads just in the first month.

A brand new client, Seth Wadley Ford. These guys have been on 30 days in their first 30 days:

  • 336 internet leads
  • 37 car deals
  • $79 cost per sale

And last but not least, here’s another store. Just signed them up. Six weeks old, they’ve been on the program. Six weeks. Last month they had:

  • 202 total leads.
  • Sold 54 cars
  • $56.63  cost per sale.

So guys listen, anybody that’s out there: Dealer principal, general manager, general sales manager, internet director, e-commerce director, anybody out there looking to acquire inventory. I know that’s a major problem.

You can’t sell what you don’t have. Right?

Acquire Inventory, Increase VDP Views, Lead Count and Cars Sold

So if you’re looking to acquire inventory, or if you’re looking to increase VDP views, increase lead count, increase cars sold without having to increase your budget without having to break the bank. This is the strategy for you.

Four simple steps:

  1. AIA on Facebook
  2. AIA Lead Gen
  3. AIAs
  4. Last but not least custom ads

Do it tight, do it right.

Hire an Expert Facebook Ads Partner for Auto Dealers

And if you want somebody to just turn key fully for you, click the link below book, an expert session. We’d be absolutely grateful for the opportunity to provide results over excuses. I’m Chad Brooks with ADS in Oklahoma City. Appreciate your time. Happy selling and God bless.