Advertising doesn’t sell more cars. If you are a car dealer or GM in the auto industry, you know this already.

People sell more cars.

The most important thing to prioritize is investing in your team. You need to time and resources and enough sales opportunities for them to do that well.

You’re just one relationship away from your next level as a dealership. That could be one relationship on your team, or one relationship away with somebody who knows how to get that team the swings at the bat they need.

Reach out and see how we can partner together to get your team more swings at the bat.

Our journey working with auto dealers.

Chad started selling cars when he was 17 years old and got into the direct mail space at 19.

And as he says, “We BLEW UP that mail business!”

But we realized there was something missing.

So we bought a point of purchase company, Sale-In-A-Box, and starting drop shipping point of purchase all across the country.

But we realized that even though that worked, something was still missing.

So then we went on to create a digital marketing agency and after that a software company, and this is what we’ve learned over that journey:

Advertising does not sell cars.

It’s a BS narrative that’s been pushed on the industry for 30 years.

You know what sells cars?

People do.

People sell cars.

All of the things we did/do: direct mail, point of purchase, digital marketing, SAAS are important.

They ultimately dictate the number of opportunities your team gets.

But think about it.

People build businesses.

If you want your business to blow up, hire the right people and get out of their way.

But you’ve got to give them the right number of opportunities.

A thoroughbred, like the Secretariat, is not going to race at the county fair. The Secretariat is going to want to race at the Kentucky Derby.

They want to see the big hats, the grandstands full, the news crews recording. You want these types of thoroughbreds on your team. The winners who want as many swings at bat as they can get because they know that they can close the sale and help people drive home the best deal for their families.

So, here’s the reality of it.

Advertising is important.

Software is important.

Systems are important.

Accountability is important.

But none of that matters more than investing in your team.

We can help you get your team of thoroughbreds the swings at the bat they need to grow your business.

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