We work proactively for our clients to help them achieve a low lead cost per customer, while still maintaining quality leads.

$14 Cost Per Lead

We helped one our clients recently drop from $34.22 CPL to $21 cost per lead – that’s a 30% reduction cost, in just one week! With continued work from our expert digital marketing specialist, we were able to reduce the cost per lead to just $14/lead in just two weeks for Bayway Chevy, for a total 60% CPL reduction.

One of our strategies for Facebook Marketing involves using Automotive Inventory Ads which uses the Dealerships inventory right on Facebook. Shoppers do not need to jump off Facebook to a different website platform to find what they are looking for. They can search for info based on cost, make/model, and financing options to land on the best deal for them.

Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads Marketing Partner

Looking for a true marketing partner for your dealership that will care about helping you get a lower cost per lead for your Facebook Advertising? Contact us today to schedule an expert session.