ADS | Direct Mail Stats That Shouldn't Be Ignored

It’s a new year, you have a new budget, you’re ready to sell a lot of cars and you’ve decided on direct mail. You made a great choice. Many dealers I speak to don’t realize just how much direct mail has evolved in the last few years. Among the advances are technologies that engage target audiences and triggers based on well researched consumer data that help determine the right messaging that ensures relevancy at an individualized level.

If you’re not convinced of direct mail’s sustainability, following are seven stats that shouldn’t be ignored.

2014 looks to be an exciting year for the automotive direct mail industry. At ADS we are looking forward to helping our customers make their direct mail campaigns more effective than ever before. If you would like to discuss a winning plan for making 2014 the best year ever in car sales we’d be glad to help you.

Start with a winning marketing plan.

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