ADS | Want people to remember? Use print.

As marketers, one of the biggest challenges we face is getting people to remember the brand, the offer, and the urgency to act on it. How many times have you attempted to recall a TV commercial in detail, only to be unable to remember the featured brand or product? There is growing evidence that suggests if you want people to remember you, using paper-based marketing is your best bet.

Recently the feature article in the November issue of Scientific American, entitled, The Reading Brain in the Digital Age: Why Paper Still Beats Screen brought attention on the differences between books and digital devices. In this article several studies were cited over the last decade that indicate people typically understand and remember information they read on paper much better than what they reading it on their favorite digital devices like their e-readers, tablet, or mobile phone.


There are several theories presented in the article as to why this is the case. They range from just the ordinary stress and fatigue of reading from digital screens, to the differences between how our brains play a role in processing information delivered from pixels versus ink. There is even the theory of the sensory experiences paper plays in how we consume information and the sense of control we feel when holding paper versus a digital device.

Regardless of the reasons why, it’s critical to understand how the media you choose for your marketing campaigns can impact comprehension, recall and overall success of your efforts. If you want people to understand your offer and remember your brand, it’s vital that paper-based marketing is a strong component of your cross-channel marketing endeavors.

Let’s start 2014 off with a winning marketing plan.

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