Automotive Facebook Ads Success

For Patriot Chevy Bartlesville – January 2021

See how we helped this Car Dealership with these Facebook Ads Solutions:

  • On-Facebook Lead Gen Ads
  • Facebook AIAs
  • On-Facebook Lead Forms
  • Facebook Messenger Ads
  • Smartbot for Facebook

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  • Cost Per Lead: $17
  • Views – 134,000
  • Leads – 266
  • Cost Per Lead – $241

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On-Facebook Destination Ads Success – Full Transcript

Seth, Peck. What up playa? Hey, look, man, February already. Can’t believe January is gone. Guess time flies when you’re having fun.

This is an overview, gentlemen, of January’s performance for the Chevy store in Bartlesville.

So, high-level real quick. Put the brand in front of 134,000 people, put just south of 2,000 people on VDP pages on your website, and then 266 total leads at a $17 lead cost.

Okay, so actionables for February. There’s four ads we’re running for the group that we’re going to test.

We’re going to fire the losers, and then promote the winners. Those ads are going to be Bargain Bin, Payments Under $300, Cars under 10 Grand, Move Them or Lose Them on Old Age Inventory, and then the last one’s going to be Dollar Down Delivers.

Custom Auto Dealer Ads for Facebook

So we’re going to test those four creative ideas through the month of February for your custom ads, but what I’ve noticed, the GMC Hyundai stores quite a bit ahead of your store last month.

We don’t have the most recent ROI tracking here, so you’ll get that towards the end of the month. But what I want to point out is some of these ads, if you look at the inventory ad set for new cars, guys that’s $241 cost per lead.

So we’ve spent $725 bucks and got three leads. If you break that down into our lead gen funnel where we spent $1500 bucks, we got 168 total leads and $9 lead costs.

Low Lead Cost for Facebook Ads

So I want to rebalance that. We’re going to spend a little bit more money on On-Facebook Destination Ads because a $18 lead cost is solid.

So action items for you, we’re going to increase the on Facebook AIA, we’re going to increase the lead gen, and then we’re going to decrease this ad set right here, your new car ad set. All right.

If you’ve got any problems with that holler at me. If you have any specials, or promos, or deals you want to get out there in the market, just reply to this video in the comment below, and our teams going to watchdog that. We’ll get those up and launched for you ASAP. Peace gentlemen.