Auto Dealer Facebook and Google Ads Success

For Patriot Buick GMC Hyundai of Bartlesville, March 2021

See how we helped this Car Dealership with these Facebook Ads and Google Ads Solutions

  • On-Facebook Lead Gen Ads
  • Facebook AIAs
  • On-Facebook Lead Forms
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Messenger Ads

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  • Conversion Rate – 32.71%
  • Cost Per Lead – $9.07 – Down below $10!
  • Sold Units – 37
  • Cost Per Sale – $106.36
  • On-Facebook Leads – 410

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Auto Dealer On-Facebook Destination Ads Success – Full Transcript

Hi guys, Justin here with ADS with a quick review of our March Facebook ads. So got some sold data uploaded finally, and had some improvements from February to March to talk about as well. So conversion rates stayed where it was last month, actually around 32%, little above 32%, but our cost per lead decreased to below $10.

Lowering Cost-Per-Lead With Facebook Ads

So we’re at $9.07 as of the end of March, which helps us improve our total lead count. We have 434 total leads, 24 of those were website leads. So those were people who were on Facebook and engaged with our ad, clicked through, went to your website and either picked up the phone and called, or filled out a VDP form submission on a specific car. Most of the leads came from our Messenger bot ads and our on-Facebook lead gen ads for 410.

Maintaining High Conversion Rates

So all in all a pretty solid month, just from a lead volume count, we know if we can keep that conversion rate as high as it is that we’ll continue to see great lead count number. And of course, with a lot of traffic right now, and a lot of interest with stimulus, checks being delivered. And then of course it’s tax return season–it’s spring. So there’s a lot of action in the car market right now. Anyways, hopefully the new car crunch isn’t affecting you guys too much. There’s a lot of interest right now in used cars as well.

Decreasing Cost-Per-Sale with Facebook Marketing

So, sold data uploaded 37 sold units which can be attributed to people who saw or engaged with our ads on Facebook, which, lowered our cost per sold to $106. I think it was closer to $150 or a little bit north of $115 in the month of February. So all in all, we got some great things going other than the new car inventory issue. We’ve got just a lot of other things like the tax returns and stimulus and it being spring all favoring us. So we’ll just continue to refresh our ads and make sure that we’re putting the most relevant content in front of people on Facebook. And hopefully, like I said, keep that conversion rate as high as we can and keep that cost per lead down, hopefully closer to $10 here in the spring and into the summer as well. If you guys have any questions, reach out and we’ll talk to you soon.