Our digital marketing team worked diligently to help Automax Hyundai Del City decrease their advertising spend, and increase their leads and sales, all during the global pandemic. They wanted to move away from third party vendors but still maintain their traffic, leads, and sales.

They actually decreased their advertising spend by $18,000 while still managing to increase their leads coming in and sales going out. That’s a 35% decrease in advertising costs!!

We used our standardized Facebook Ads strategy to help them consistently drive new leads and engage with shoppers.

Over the course of just 90 days, they saw a 40% increase in leads through Facebook Ads, and it led to the sale of 55 cars in just June alone!

Over the three months of summer, even during the global pandemic, they sold 90 cars in 90 days, and their leads and sales have continued to grow.

It’s an honor to act as a partner to people like Bill Altstatt and dealerships like Automax Hyundai Del City. We feel like we are an extension of their team and join in celebrating all their wins together.

ADS Automax Hyundai Del City Case Study

Phenomenal Success With Facebook Ads

We have worked with Automax Hyundai for many years and have serviced them with a variety of our products. Bill says they have had “phenomenal success with ADS in every aspect of our business.” Their business has exploded this year since they have been working with us on their social media strategy, particularly with Facebook Ad Campaigns.

We have not only saved them money, but delivered phenomenal results.

We significantly increased their internet presence, internet traffic, their appointments, their show ratio, as well as their closing ratio.

Their return on investment (ROI) has increased, and their average PRU per car is actually up 31%, year over year, which is one of the biggest metrics they track.

Service and Results

“Why should a dealer use ADS?” we asked Bill Altstatt. He said, “service and results.” They spend 26% less than they spent before working with us, year over year, but yet continue to have greater results. We bring them higher quality leads and drive more quality ads, strategically targeted to the right buyer.

Their net profit has improved since working with us. Their market share is higher, and their MSR is significantly higher than what the manufacturer is expecting for their area. They have even been able to win over competition from other dealerships in the area, not just Hyundai!

“The results speak for themselves,” says Bill Altstatt.

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