Automotive Facebook and Google Ads Success

For Jim Glover CDJR –  January 2021

See how we helped this Car Dealership with these Facebook Ads Solutions and Google Ads Strategies. 

  • On-Facebook Lead Gen Ads
  • Facebook AIAs
  • On-Facebook Lead Forms

Watch Video or Read Full Transcript Below:


  • Sold 79 cars in January 2021 attributed to Facebook Ads.
  • Increased their Google Ads click throughs by 31% without spending any more money.

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Facebook and Google Ads Success – Full Transcript

Hi guys, hope you guys are doing well and off to a great start in February. Real quick, let’s take a look at how we did in January for both our Facebook and our Google ads. It’s been a little bit more money, with the addition of our expansion, videos and ads in January.

Increased Google and Facebook Leads

So we also got a little bit more for that. So I think in, in December we had about 380 leads and we upped that a little to 500, 211 off and 289 on Facebook leads. 

Our cost per lead went up a little bit from December to January from 12 to $19. It’s still below the $25 that I consider to be high. Hopefully we’ll make some progress in February and start to bring that number down a little bit more. 

Sold units: We had 61 in December, but more so we should get more, got that up to 79 events attributed to Facebook ads for the month of January. 

So, a lot of this momentum we carried over into February, I think that our cost per lead will still stay a little high. I think we’ll stay below $25, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it stays around that $19-$20 range. 

Our expansion ads are built to get the message out and build brand awareness. So they’re not going to be as effective as a true lead gen with a strong call to action, but we are blasting that name out there andgetting people to react and engage with those ads, which is awesome.

Increased Clicks for Google Ads

I’m gonna switch gears real quick and go look at our Google Ads for January. All in all a solid month, we increased our clicks by almost 30%, but we actually spent 1% less than we did in December. Now, our click-through rate and our impression share two numbers that I watch and care about very closely were both down. 

I always want my search impression share to be, like I said, I’m trying to inch towards 35%, and I love it when my click through rates higher than, than 10%. But we took a step back on those two metrics this month. But if you look at our conversions were actually up 5%. 

So, I’d rather tell you that we actually got more, uh, by spending less, which we did, even though some of my vanity metrics don’t look as pretty as I’d liked them too. So, conversion rate was down a little bit, but our cost per conversions down to $20 conversions were up about 6%. 

Phone Calls, Lead Forms, and Engagement

We had a lot of phone calls. We had 44 lead forms submit from VDPs. We had 32 chats started. I think we had, nine generic, contact forms completed and then one vehicle finder as well. 

So we beat, December, and we did it by spending less money, which is awesome. I’m still gonna pay attention to my click through rate and my search impression share numbers. But in February, if I get to, talk about better conversion numbers again, I’ll, I’ll take it. 

So I hope you guys are doing well. If you have any questions about Facebook or Google, just let us know. And I’ll be sending a mid-month report here soon.