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Best-In-Class Chatbot For Auto Dealer Marketing

Our Best-In-Class Chatbot is powered by IBM Watson technology to deliver a human-like customer experience for all of your prospects reaching out on Facebook Messenger. It will help your dealership:

1. Save Time and Money

Time-saving is one of the great benefits of using chatbots in your business. It’s like having a live agent monitoring 24/7 and responding to inquiries for just a percentage of the cost. A Chatbot for Facebook Messenger allows your business to serve greater numbers of people while increasing productivity and decreasing costs.

2. Immediate Customer Engagement

Nobody likes to wait around for answers these days. Studies show that humans have the attention span akin to a goldfish. So if you have a chatbot integrated into your customer service system, people can engage it easily without any learning curve or prior training. Through NLP(Natural Language Processing), chatbots can analyze questions and respond with the most suitable answers.

3. Increase Your Customer Base

Chatbot for Facebook Messenger’s smart inventory search and automation will quickly and seamlessly help buyers find their next car, assist with trade-in information, and send Pre-qualified leads directly to your CRM. Use Chatbot to turn Facebook Messenger into an appointment machine!

4. Eliminate Tedious, Time-Consuming Tasks

Another benefit of our Chatbot is that it takes over many tedious, repetitive tasks performed by your staff. These jobs can be dull and draining, but not for a bot. It will never complain.


Sign Up For Chatbot Today

ADS has an easy, hands-off onboarding process to setup Chatbot for Facebook Messenger. We typically launch within 4-5 business days for new customers. If you’re a current customer already working with us, we can add this product to your advertising strategy within 24-48 hours.