Automotive Facebook Ads Success

For Kunes Country Auto Group of Macomb – March 2021

See how we helped this Car Dealership with these Facebook Ads Solutions:

  • On-Facebook Lead Gen Ads
  • Facebook AIAs
  • On-Facebook Lead Forms
  • Facebook Messenger Ads
  • Smartbot for Facebook

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  • Cost Per Lead – $13.79
  • Conversion Rate – 21.20%
  • Sales Attributed To Facebook Ads – 60
  • On-Facebook Leads – 45
  • Cost Per Sale – $49.64

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On-Facebook Destination Ads Success – Full Transcript

Hey guys, Justin here with ADS with a quick review of our March Facebook Advertising results. Had to wait for some sold data to upload, and we’ve got that into our system now, in our report, so we can look at the numbers together. Last month we had a conversion rate that was great, it was around 18-19% at the end of February, and our lead cost was even better, around $11 a lead. We had fewer than 200 leads, but all-in-all it was still a pretty decent month.

Increasing Leads with Custom Auto Dealer Facebook Ads

March being a longer month, we’d expect more leads, and we actually saw an improvement to our conversion rate as well, from around 19% to above 21%. Our cost-per-lead went up slightly, we’re below $14, I’d love to keep it below $15 if we can, but we actually produced more leads. So we had a lot of Off-Facebook leads, those are people who made a connection via VDP form or phone call on the website, and then our On-Facbook leads are form submissions that we made directly on Facebook for a total of 216 leads. Sold results, so out of all the cars we sold last month, 60 people interacted with or saw our ads on Facebook, which led to a cost-per-sold of $49.64, would love to see that stay around $50–at least below $100.

Fresh Facebook Ads For Auto Dealers

Creating new content this month, trying to keep our ads as relevant as we can for Facebook’s algorithm, it’s all about inventory and options, availability and just getting the freshest content, most relevant ads in front of people in a timely manner and then refreshing, refreshing, refreshing. We never want stagnant ads or ad copy in front of people on Facebook. We want to earn more impressions and get some of those costs either lower or keep them where they are. Would love to see our conversion rate stay north of 20% as well. If you have any questions about March, or what we’re doing here in April, reach out and we’ll talk to you soon!