We’ve been working with Seth Knighton, the COO of Patriot Auto Group and his dealerships for years. They have 6 locations in Oklahoma, and they have been using our Facebook Ads Strategies to increase leads and sell more cars. We turned Facebook into their best lead source.

We always try to deliver results over excuses, and it shows up in long-term client relationships like this with Seth Knighton and his team.

Patriot McAlester Sold 46 Cars in One Month 2020

A Partner in Auto Marketing

Seth Knighton says we are “more like a partner than a vendor.” We seek to act like an extension of your team, striving for the same results.

We help tailor online messages and marketing for results, depending on whatever market we are in. Each market is unique, depending on demographics, income, population, and reach. So we change the message to target the right buyer.

We communicate with dealerships multiple times throughout the month to compare results, especially across different locations within the same auto group.


Honesty and Integrity

We try to deliver big results. Whenever challenges arise, we seek to be honest about how we can seek to find the right solution.

Our team is accessible. Seth says, “You can get a hold of leadership, make changes that are quick, and get that personable, relationship style service that can help us achieve goals.”

Facebook Ads Strategy

During the global pandemic, we would tailor the message in an ever changing market. Our Facebook Ads strategy proved successful. “Leads have dramatically gone up” for Patriot stores, month over month. And their traffic has increased exponentially.


Looking for similar results using a Facebook Ads Strategy? Schedule a demo with one of our agents so we can learn more about your dealership and see if we can help drive more traffic and qualified leads to your store.