Every dealer is using Google Ads. It’s no secret.

But just because you’re doing them doesn’t mean you are getting value from them.

  • How many phone calls and form submissions come from your current PPC campaigns?
  • Are you consistently fishing for new markets effectively?
  • How good is your monthly campaign reporting?
  • Are you wasting Ad Money because you can’t measure if it has a real ROI?

We help dealers sell more cars using Google Ads.

1. We harness the power of the two main types of searches you find in Google:

  • Year/Make/Model
  • Dealership searches

Most GM’s will push for Year/Make/Model searches which we bid on and win; however, these customers are actually quite high up in the sales funnel.  Our strategy includes leveraging dealership searches which result in a lower-funnel customer, one who is more eager and ready to buy.

2. We leverage transparent and honest reporting using the following tools:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Data Studio
A large percentage of Google providers focus on sharing results based on traffic alone.  We leverage high-level reporting to gain clear attributions.  Our campaigns are results-focused, so we track phone calls and website form submissions back to our campaign and share them with full transparency.

3. We ensure that you “Own your PMA” + “Go fishing” for low hanging opportunities.

  • You should own the customers in your own backyard
  • We help you strategically locate and identify customers in areas that provide a boost in traffic and lead count that you might not traditionally find inside your PMA

So, if you are looking for a greater ROI in your Google Ad spend, and desire a higher level of reporting and back-end statistics, then click this link to schedule a no-cost audit. Worst case scenario, we’ll give you a blueprint that you can share with your existing agency, that can help optimize your campaigns.

But best case – if you’re tired of subpar service and reporting, then we’ll be happy to earn your business.