The Top Secret To Selling More Cars Is Facebook Domination!

The 4th quarter is here! The industry is white hot, but it’s probably not going to last forever. There’s a lot of uncertainty in the market right now, especially with elections coming up.

What are you doing proactively to keep selling 30, 40, 50 cars every single month before the end of the year? We at ADS want to help our dealers Sell More Cars on Facebook! 

We believe in bringing real measurable value to our customers. Facebook isn’t about “likes, comments or shares. It’s about unit counts, lead counts, and variable gross.” Here are some REAL results from one month this summer that we highlight in this video:

Jim Glover Chevrolet

  • 630 High Quality Vin-Specific leads
  • Sold 144 cars

Jim Glover Dodge

  • 482 internet leads
  • 100 car deals
  • $58 cost per sale

Patriot CJDR

  • 268 internet leads
  • 37 car deals
  • $94 cost per sale

Can You Answer Yes To These Results?

  1. Are you getting hundreds of high quality vin-specific leads pushing to your CRM every single month?
  2. Are you getting an ROI report every month, where you can hold your Facebook investment accountable to car deals?
  3. Are you getting a $200 cost per sale each month?

If you answered no to any of these, we’d love an opportunity to earn your business. Watch a product demo on-demand to see exactly how we do this. Or if you want to put 15. minutes on our calendar, click the link below to book a demo – we’ll show up and show you how to drive  20, 30, 40, 50 car deals your way each month that we can measure using the power of Facebook Advertising.

On Demand Demo

We love to do demos for our clients, but understand that everyone is busy.  Watch how you can generate more leads with our Facebook Marketing Strategy.

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