Low on Inventory? Here’s a great way to acquire the inventory you need to maintain profitability during this time.

Are you struggling to acquire the used car inventory you need to maintain profitability during these unprecedented times?

We all know supply has been up and down over the last few months leading to massive increases in wholesale auction rates for used cars. In this climate, if you’re relying on auctions as the primary source for used car acquisition, you’re in trouble!

Friends, here’s a gift we created just for you to help you with this problem. Check it out below, and let us know how it works for your team.

Buyback Offer Script

This is a script that you can use on the phone with your Sales Team, BDC or Internet Department to acquire some fresh rides well back of auction pricing.

It’s a proven script to help you hit your previous customer database and get momentum for used car acquisition. If used correctly, it will even help you retail more vehicles as customers trade-up for a nicer, newer car. 

Facebook Messenger Campaign

Here’s another bonus tip to help solve the inventory problem we’re all facing: Are you using paid ads to create messenger conversations? This will really impact your bottom line today. Launch a Facebook Messenger campaign aimed at buying cars for sale by owner in your local market and see how many qualified leads start rolling in every month.