We’ve talked plenty recently about how tricky internet departments can be. Between processes and procedures, interpersonal dynamics and a lack of thorough training or leadership, not every part and parcel of your BDC is working in your favor.

There are plenty of reasons an internet department might not succeed -but what about those reasons a department DOES succeed, maintaining steady lead follow-up and scheduling appointments? What about those BDCs that end up being a cut above the rest in every way? Well, let’s talk about some of the things that make an internet department succeed over time.


The reasons managers and reps succeed is because they recognize their own accountability. If they’re not winning for the business, who else is? If they don’t care about putting the best face of your dealership forward and representing you in the right way, then who will?

Accountability isn’t about blame or who is at fault when something goes wrong. In the sense appropriate to your success, accountability means LEADERSHIP. If your departments aren’t staffed with someone who’s willing to lead, they won’t reach their full potential. The vast majority of problems we see come from having a weak leader – or the wrong leader in place. When you have a manger at the helm who’s willing to take accountability for what isn’t working no matter the circumstances, you’re more set up to win.


Good managers and reps are willing to produce numbers because they know they’ll be held accountable for what they bring in. If you’re doing a good job you’re ready to be front and center with your numbers. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – numbers don’t lie.

Realized Potential

In every sales department sits a diamond in the rough – someone who WANTS this job, who has the desire and the ability to succeed above all else. Management’s job is to GET OBSTACLES OUT OF THIS PERSON’S WAY so they can succeed and takes sales to the next level.

Try this: Name 1-2 potential roadblocks – things that could get in the way of your best salesperson making a sale. Try to do it in less than five seconds. If you can’t do it – or your manager can’t do it – then you may not have a firm grasp on all the details. And without knowing the details, you or your manager may not know your department. You could be paying someone else to have a grip on these small details – but do they have that grip?

We talk more about what stops a department from being great – and how to make a failing department better – in our latest Whitepaper, 5 Reasons Your Internet Department is Failing. We’d love to talk more with you about how to make your internet department a success!