It’s a simple idea.

Just like people, our brand and influence become more powerful when we stand for something bigger than the day-to-day routine of driving more car sales or bigger margins. Those things are important, and the reality is every dealer wants more car sales and higher margins. But not everyone can care and focus as much as you about the other important stuff that also matters.

The kind of stuff that separates you from the pack and makes you a category of one.


  1. Focusing on a better strategy to have more car sales tomorrow.
  1. Committing to a plan rather than starting over every month.
  1. Connecting and investing in customer retention.
  1. Avoiding time juggling unnecessary tasks.
  1. Living like you know the difference between remarkable and unremarkable. The more “remarkable” matters to you, the more likely people will notice, and it will appear in how you’re leading and in what you’re selling.

Successful people and successful brands do what unsuccessful people and brands don’t.

Aristotle said it best, “You are what you repeatedly do; excellence is therefore not an act but a habit.”

What are you focusing on?