Starting Over Every Month Is A Futile Game | By Chad Brooks | ADS | Accelerated Dealer Services

I get it. The more cars sold means the more gross earned. The goal is to sell cars today!

Tomorrow, repeat.

It’s what I call the cost of now.

It’s a short term strategy.

It’s an endless cycle of throwing money at marketing and advertising.

It can be exhilarating at times but more often than not it is stressful and frustrating.

The Cost of Now

The cost of now also has a tradeoff. We choose the short-term versus a sustainable long-term strategy that generates more car sales and service — with less stress and frustration.

Your Asset

The good news is, you already have the asset for a winning sustainable long-term strategy right beneath your nose. It’s the 10,000 people per year that walk through your dealership. They want you to lead them. They want something to believe in. This is your opportunity to connect with them, make a ruckus, create a movement, build trust, communicate, grow, and gain new members of your tribe.

This strategy requires commitment. It’s a completely different strategy than attracting, converting and selling those who’ve never patronized your business.

Your CRM company can’t provide it. Your DMS company hopes you don’t recognize it. I doubt that anyone outside of ownership in your group even cares about the long-term impact of your business.

The fact is most GMs and GSMs won’t even be at the same dealership this time next year.

This strategy comes down to three points:

  1. You recognize there is a better way. Imagine a way to minimize your marketing and advertising expenses and at the same time create reciprocal value for every ad spend.
  2. You commit to a plan. This is a leadership issue. This is not instant gratification. The cost of now is real. Unless you are extremely lucky and you have the need to manage to the same goals, you might as well stick with email blasting your entire database twice per month with the same message and putting more pressure on your sales managers.
  3. You build a tribe. A tribe is any group of people who are connected to one another; a leader, and an idea. It takes only two things to turn a list of names and emails into a tribe:
    1. A shared interest
    2. A way to communicate

We can help. We have cracked the code on this. You recognize the truth, starting over every month is a futile game.

Are you ready to begin building your tribe?

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