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If you want to capture a person’s attention, you have about 8 seconds to convince them that you are the one. Our attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter. People have so many diversions to their attention that it is becoming more and more difficult to hold their attention for any length of time.

That pizza place that opened down the street might get you to give it a try, but it is no guarantee that you’ll keep coming back. You might try that restaurant that is selling entrées at 2 for 1 on a slow Wednesday evening, but that doesn’t mean you are going to go back Friday. The same applies for the customer who just visited your showroom floor to see that shiny red sports car. She may or may not come back.

I’ve realized there’s something that’s a lot harder to cultivate than getting attention. There is no formula for getting it. You can’t buy it or capture it, instead it has to be nurtured. That thing is connection and belonging.

The direct mail promotion we just mailed for you today is awesome. It is a single shot at getting someone’s attention for a short gain today. It works! However it shouldn’t end there. The dealer who takes that opportunity to build on that attention is the dealer who understands they are playing for the long game, which produces more qualified leads, increased revenue, strengthened brand loyalty, and better cost-per-lead ratios.  They are harvesting the gold that is right in front of them. These dealerships understand that the conversation isn’t over after the first interaction, and they are strategic in finding ways to increase the chances of another connection and have that customer become part of the dealership’s fan base.

I can hear you right now. You might be saying we just don’t have the resources or time to do that kind of thing. Our focus is eyeballs and bodies in the showroom today! I know, I really do. That’s why we’ve developed our new ADS Digital Marketing Services. These services are the perfect complement to our direct mail services and event sales. If you’re in this to build a sustainable business for the long haul you won’t need to rely on shortcuts that you’re hoping will deliver more people to your showroom floor today.

Let’s talk about harvesting some gold for you.