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Everybody’s worried about something.

In Miami, they worry about Lebron signing a new contract. In Brazil, it’s their soccer team that has them worried. I suppose both are understandable.

Most of us have more personal and down to earth worries. Some worry about being happier, others about the economy, some worry about how many car sales will be on the books at the end of the month, and yes, there are those who are worried about where to go for lunch. All of those things, with the exception of where to have lunch are understandable too.

If you’re not careful though, you can find yourself on autopilot, mired in mundane worries and beating the drum of “Life sucks, then you die” mentality.

But meaning in life does not run on autopilot. To find it takes constant work and a determination to spend your life putting something good in the world. It doesn’t begin with luck, it begins with a decision.

Decide to make something remarkable. It’s what we all really want. It’s what your customers want. They want to get excited about what you do. They want to trust you to keep your promises. They want to connect and belong, to share in your story.

Most of all, they want you, your brand, your services and products to be unique, incredible and remarkable, so that they can feel that way, too.

Decide. Be remarkable! It a choice.


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