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Whatever it is you look up to. Whatever it is you look forward to. Whatever it is you’re chasing … Matthew McConaughey couldn’t have said it any better after receiving the 2014 Oscar for Best Actor.

Check it out yourself.

McConaughey said he needs three things every day:

  1. Something to look up to.
  2. Something to look forward to.
  3. Someone to chase.

McConaughey mentioned in his acceptance speech that he had three daily needs. The first two I would have to say were pretty common to hear. They were God and family. The third daily need is what caught me by surprise and something I’ve never heard mentioned before.

McConaughey said his third need was his hero. He said “To my hero, that’s who I chase.” He said when he was 15 years old he had an important person in his life ask who his hero was. Matthew recalled telling his friend, “My hero is me in 10 years”. Then ten years later that same person asked him, “Are you now your hero?” Matthew says he’s not even close, that he’s never going to be that hero or attain that because it’s always 10 years down the road. But that’s fine with him because it keeps him with somebody to keep on chasing.

What about your chase?

The world beckons us to comply and conform. To that I say bullcrap! This is not your practice life. Living for tomorrow is nowhere near as potent as living right now. Decide, once and for all, not to be governed by fear or anyone or anything else. Make each and every day flamboyantly your own. And recognize that this life is yours, and that it is your one and only.

Oscar Wilde once penned, “To live is the rarest thing in the world, most people exist, that is all.”

So stop for a moment and recommit yourself to live your life and pursue with all your might your dreams. Then push yourself to achieve a small step of that dream every day. Share that dream with the people that love you. Show gratitude to those that help you in getting to your dream and keep on chasing — never give up.

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