This is all pretty self-explanatory.

Here’s why.

Until recently, car people could survive for years doing things the same way they always did things. But now the car world is changing at a velocity once unheard of and many dealerships can’t keep up, often feeling left behind.

Technology has revolutionized our landscape. Before the information revolution, the car business changed gradually and business and marketing models became antiquated ever more slowly. There was a day when your pure on-the-job knowledge stayed relevant. Relationships were local and your rolodex was your primary business network.

That was yesterday. Forget about today, because tomorrow is upon us.

There is hardly an industry that hasn’t been affected by technology. The old guard is being marginalized faster than anyone ever thought possible.

The opportunity in the car business is for those who are not burdened with the past but have that bulldog determination to use chaos and change as their tools for success.

5 Ways Chaos and Change has affected your marketing (and direct mail marketing):

  1. Don’t tell – The buyer has an inquisitive mindset, seeking as much relevant information as possible. They want the information on their terms  now.
  2. Data management—A new discipline in marketing – Gain insights as well as opportunities by knowing the digital imprint of your customers and prospects. What have your prospects shown interest in? Where have they been on your website? When do they plan to purchase their next vehicle? Systems and processes to manage data and next steps is required in this new economy. You better get on board!
  3. Know when to ask for information – As you re-orient your marketing to show not tell, make sure you start to fully understand your prospects and where they are in the buying process.
  4. When needed, educate the market – Understand what your customers are doing to educate themselves about your vehicles and service and then work towards providing the thought leadership. Your customers and proShowspects will reciprocate with their business if you truly are meeting a need.
  5. Be findable – Though this is point five it is very important. Think about the buyer’s first step. They start at Google. . . .

I’d love to hear from you. Share your thought below on the chaos and change you’ve encountered and what you are doing about it.